My Vision

Dr. Foss, B.S., D.C., D.PSc and his team are driven to provide excellent care to the community, through a wealth of knowledge about healthcare and nutrition, and with state-of-the art, technology that analyzes the body. Dr. Foss’ team is committed to producing the best possible results for patients who need superior care and guidance. Dr. Foss has a true passion for helping people live fuller lives, with better health, and he has a lasting dedication to improving the health of the community. He has a vision of creating a healthier and happier community, where more people are active, and fewer people suffer from illnesses that could be prevented.

Along with their experience and skills in nutritional health prevention, Dr. Foss and his team maintain expertise in utilizing the newest technology in natural healthcare. Dr. Foss is knowledgeable in areas dealing with weight loss, as well as family care guidance for overall healthier lifestyles. Dr. Foss believes in the importance of educating each patient, and providing step-by-step prevention road maps that are personalized and customized to each and every person’s specific needs. Dr. Foss’s commitment to teaching others how to achieve ultimate levels of health, as well as his interest in always learning more about new ways to help people, allow him to provide the best, most updated and individualized care possible.

Dr. Rafael Foss, B.S., D.C., D.PSc is a health and wellness expert. He and his staff of health coaches employ the latest technology in natural healthcare, including a proven system that analyzes the hormones in the body to determine the best way to help the body lose weight and optimize health. Dr. Foss is a doctor of pastoral medicine and helps people with weight loss and the symptoms of medical conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic pain, psoriasis and low energy.