About Dr. Rafael Foss, B.S., D.C., D.PSc


Dr. Rafael Foss, B.S., D.C., D.PSc was inspired to get involved in the field of natural wellness after he experienced some serious medical issues himself. After he discovered that his allergies were relieved using a brand new technology, Dr. Foss felt the drive to make this type of relief more available to his community, as a natural wellness practitioner. Dr. Foss’ program program provides a sense of accomplishment, pride, and happiness to clients who use it, and most importantly, these clients become more positive about the future possibilities for their health.

“I’m passionate about teaching people lifestyle potential, and serving as a clinic model that simplifies access to care and accommodates people’s hectic lifestyles.”

  • Foss, B.S., D.C., D.PSc

Dr. Foss exhibits his knowledge in nutrition and weight loss, since they are essential keys to total health. In addition to his expertise in this field, Dr. Foss is committed to creating personalized care plans that address each client’s bigger picture. Rather than only addressing possible weight loss, Dr. Foss looks at every angle that might help a client achieve optimal health.

Dr. Foss’ team stays completely present with the client during each visit and appointment, in order to gain as much information about that client’s health and goals as they can during their time together. With this wealth of knowledge about what a client hopes to achieve, and what his or her struggles have been so far, Dr. Foss and his team create an integrated plan to get the client where he or she needs to go. Every step of the way along this path to wellness, Dr. Foss and his team remain involved, with personalized guidance and supervision. Dr. Foss focuses on setting the client up for a long future of success in healthcare.

To stay well-informed about every new technique and technology, and to educate others about the ways they have achieved success with clients, Dr. Foss and his team continually attend healthcare events, which are focused on topics like nutrition. By continuing their education in this way, and by dedicating themselves to educating others, Dr. Foss and his team not only help clients achieve better health, but they also help improve the health of the community as a whole.
Dr. Foss has been inspired again and again by the success of his clients, one of whom is his wife, Alina. Alina is a former patient who saw enormous improvement using the program, and she encourages others to experience the lasting, positive effects the technology can have on their lives.

“I did the program in order to fix any imbalances that I had internally. After several days I began feeling more energy, sleeping better and started losing those extra pounds I have gained prior to doing the program. I feel really young again and I just love what this technology has done for me in such a short period of time.”

  • Alina

  Alina is now also a member of Dr. Foss’ team. Together with her husband, Alina spreads the word about the great success of Dr. Foss’ program, and the two love to pass this knowledge along. Their vision is to ultimately live in the healthiest community in the world, and Dr. Foss believes that this starts with each and every individual making healthy life decisions every day.