Ask Dr. Foss

What is the cost of the program?
Every individual’s body, needs, and health challenges are different. Because each program is completely customized to each patient it is impossible to know what the price of your program will be before coming in for an initial consultation. Once you are evaluated by a health coach, we will be able to quote you with pricing options to fit your needs.
Does your program utilize any drugs?
No, everything we utilize is completely all-natural. There are NO DRUGS, NO HORMONES, OR SHOTS in anything we do.
Do I buy my food from Dr. Foss for the program?
No, we do not sell any pre-packaged foods, shakes, or meals. You will be eating wholesome all-natural foods that you purchase yourself at the grocery store.
Are your services covered by insurance?
No, but if you have a flex spending or health savings account associated with your insurance policy, you may be able to use it towards your plan.

Ask Dr. Foss