Chronic Pain

Woman suffering from the head acheChronic pain is a prevalent issue in the United States, with the most common forms being migraines, back pain, neck pain, arthritis, and cancer [I].  Chronic pain in all of these forms can cause a great disruption to a person’s life, and can contribute to additional medical and psychological issues such as depression, medication dependency, sleep irregularity, irritability, and an overall decrease in activity.

Chronic Pain and Weight Gain

This decrease in activity often creates a situation where weight gain can occur, and ultimately, this increased weight gain leads to even more pain and limitation.  When chronic pain leads to weight gain, and excess weight leads to chronic pain, a person can become trapped in a seemingly endless cycle.  Researchers have found conclusively that obesity and pain have a strong correlation among adults in today’s society, which suggests that chronic pain could be an underlying cause for many people’s weight issues.  When weight becomes an everyday struggle, and a person is unable to gain control over his or her weight gain, eating disorders can also arise, leading to further weight gain and decreasing overall health.  Obesity and disability are strongly linked, as well.

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Certain conditions that cause extreme pain, like arthritis, are found much more often amongst obese people in the United States.  According to the CDC, one in five Americans suffer from arthritis, but when looking at the obese population, one in three are diagnosed with arthritis [II].

Managing and Minimizing Pain

Studio shot of young man with pain in backHaving a strong foundation of knowledge about pain and obesity can be a valuable tool when it comes to coping with chronic pain, since some of these forms of pain cannot be fully cured.  With Dr. Foss and his team, however, patients can improve their quality of life and identify the underlying causes of both their chronic pain and their obesity, in order to reduce the amount of pain they experience.  Dr. Foss aims to inform all of his patients about their potential for improving their quality of life through losing weight and minimizing the sources of chronic pain.  He uses a combination of compassion, knowledge, and advanced technology to provide his patients with the best possible care.  Dr. Foss has also been successful in developing better public health strategies in the important fields of weight management and chronic pain, demonstrating his true passion for remedying these issues in the greater community.

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