Diabetes Type II

Diabetes, control Diabetes and proper nutritionIn the United States, diabetes Type II is a prevalent health condition that affects more than 26 million people in the country [I].  Diabetes Type II is an illness that, once acquired, stays with a person for their entire life.  Several factors can contribute to a person’s development of Diabetes Type II, including genetic factors, and behavioral or environmental factors, like being overweight.  The risk of developing Diabetes Type II also includes factors like fat distribution, level of physical activity, and age.

Endocrine Function and Diabetes

The disease is a result of a developed resistance to insulin, and the pancreas is the organ that is most affected.  The pancreas, which produces the important chemical insulin, is a part of the endocrine system, which includes all of the organs in the body that produce hormones and natural chemicals [II].  The endocrine is an essential system in the body, since the chemicals these organs produce control major functions like mood, growth, reproduction, and metabolism.  Diabetes Type II affects the pancreas because people suffering from the illness become resistant to insulin.  That means that the pancreas has to work harder to produce enough insulin to bring the body’s glucose levels down to normal.  When the pancreas is struggling to make enough insulin to regulate glucose levels, the symptoms of diabetes begin to appear.

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Although they can become severe, and even debilitating, the symptoms of diabetes typically come on gradually, and can go unnoticed for a long time.  Once Diabetes Type II has developed, lifestyle changes must take place in order to manage the disease and stop it from progressing. Lifestyle changes like exercise, reducing the intake of grains, sugars, and dairy, and increasing vitamin D, can go a long way in preventing this illness, and can even help reduce one’s dependence on medications like insulin.

Although medication is often the first step taken when diabetes is diagnosed, these medications can come with many negative side effects.  These medication complications can range from upset stomach and rashes to more serious side effects, like kidney disease, anemia, and congestive heart failure [II].fiala di insulina sintetica con siringa

Natural Prevention of Diabetes

Dr Foss’ program can be a great aid in diabetes prevention.  For diabetes Type II, as well as for many other health conditions, one of the first things that should be addressed is diet.  A healthy diet, rich in nutrients and low in processed sugars, can go a long way in preventing diabetes Type II.  Especially for people who have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, diet alteration and nutritional guidance is essential to avoid developing full diabetes.  Dr. Foss is dedicated to helping those who are at risk of diabetes Type II, as well as those who are suffering from the illness already, with only natural prevention methods.

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