Low Energy

Uomo in ufficio disperato

Very low energy can be caused by a number of different things, from serious health conditions to the simple stress of everyday life.  Whatever the reason, being tired all the time can limit your ability to fully enjoy life and get things done.  In addition to the impact it can have on your satisfaction in life, fatigue can have negative effects on your body, as well.  People who feel very tired every day are less likely to make good lifestyle decisions, like planning ahead for healthy meals, rather than going out for fast food or takeout.  Suffering from profound tiredness also limits one’s ability to exercise, which can lead to weight gain.

Low Energy and Excess Weight

Obesity can be both a cause and an effect of fatigue.  It is clear that obesity causes a person to become tired much more easily, due to the stress that excess weight puts on every joint, muscle, and organ.  Being overweight can even strain the heart, which can lead to a great amount of fatigue.  Obesity is also a result of fatigue in many cases, because of the lifestyle changes one often makes to compensate for their feelings of tiredness.  Decreased physical activity, overall, leads to slower metabolism, which causes increased fat storage and makes it much harder to lose weight when dieting.

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Rather than masking the symptom of fatigue with caffeine or medications, Dr. Foss and his team strongly believe that it is essential to address the underlying causes of extreme tiredness.  While many people might not consider tiredness a major health concern that should be addressed by a doctor, it is typically a symptom of a greater issue.  Fatigue can be an indicator of an imbalance somewhere in one’s life, mentally, physically, or emotionally.  The best way to treat the fatigue, and the resulting weight gain, is to first get to the root of the issue and resolve it.

Specialized Care for Fatigue

When there is an imbalance in the body that causes fatigue, natural care is often a great approach for alleviating the symptoms.  Natural care can remedy energy flow throughout the body, which is essential for all systems in the body to function at their highest capacity. This approach gently assists the brain and spinal cord in communicating, where there previously may have been an imbalance.  This improved mind-body communication increases the body’s immunWoman with headachee defense, and decreases the symptoms of fatigue.

While specialized care can be a great aid in remedying fatigue, individuals who struggle with obesity or excess weight must also address that issue, in order to fully get rid of their excessive tiredness.  When it must support excess weight and fat tissue, the body has to work harder in nearly every capacity.  The lungs have to bring in more oxygen, which can lead to shortness of breath.  The heart has to pump more blood, which leads to rapid heartbeat.  Additionally, the weight in itself can put a strain on the bones and joints.  With all of this extra work to do, it’s no surprise that extra weight can cause the body to become fatigued very easily.

Mind-Body Health

Although there are many factors that could lead a person to become overweight and experience fatigue, all of these issues can be at least largely addressed, with the help of Dr. Foss, his team, and his proven system.  Dr. Foss uses a program which will identify where the body is experiencing an imbalance, and uses this information to create a strategy to improve energy and overall health.  By determining exactly what parts of the body are functioning poorly, a fully customized plan can be created and carried out for each individual client.  Unlike other weight loss programs and technology, Dr. Foss’ system will work to balance the entire body, so you can experience better health now, and well into the future, with a fully rejuvenated mind-body connection.