Weight Loss

BePerfect waistcause weight plays such a major role in overall health, Dr. Foss’ clinic focuses largely on weight loss—helping individuals reach and maintain healthy weight. Extra weight can put a lot of stress on the body, affecting everything from the joints and bones to the organs and glands.  Obesity is a growing concern in the United States, with two out of three Americans suffering from the condition today.  Many different factors can lead to increased risk of obesity, including genetics and environmental conditions.  Obesity is also caused in large part by daily lifestyle choices, primarily diet and exercise.

Dr. Foss and his team enjoy working with patients to resolve the issues that have led them to an unhealthy weight, and he considers it his job to create customized weight loss strategies for each client, depending on the client’s condition and needs.  Dr. Foss and his team create personalized wellness plans for patients and continue compassionate care throughout working with each patient.  This includes focused guidance and supervision, to ensure that the plans and strategies are working well for the client at all times.

Lose Weight Naturally

The program Dr. Foss uses at his clinics is a revolutionary 21st century approach to weight loss. This program allows Dr. Foss and his team to help patients reach their wellness goals and achieve balance within their bodies. Dr. Foss’ extensive knowledge of nutrition and wellness gives clients the ability to lose unwanted, unhealthy extra weight, while reducing stress and improving their overall satisfaction and lifestyle.


Dr. Foss’ Program For Weight Loss:

To help you achieve weight loss, Dr. Foss’ program integrates, correlates, and assimilates the most integral factors to support moving your body towards optimal wellness. Our techniques include balancing the body, and addressing the root cause of the issue that’s causing the weight gain. Patients are given the knowledge, resources, and support to be successful and obtain and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We truly care about our patient’s health and proactively guide them to their success and give them a personalized experience throughout their journey. We take into consideration that each individual gains weight differently, therefore, each individual will not lose weight the same. This indicates why other programs on the market fail to achieve a high success rate. With our program, the personalization aspect contributes to our success, and allows our patients to achieve and maintain optimal wellness.


Lose Weight With Food Plan Intelligence:upgrade your life concept

Dr. Foss’ program operates on a cellular level, examining your body’s unique factors. Based on your body’s needs, Dr. Foss and his team proposes a customized food protocol, which directly supports your specific health challenges and overall wellness. Along with the “good” and “bad” foods for your body, you will receive the necessary tools and information that will help you reach your wellness and/or weight loss goals.


Supplement Intelligence:

In addition to your personalized food plan, Dr. Foss sets up all patients with all-natural supplements that are specifically designed to address your body’s specific needs. These supplements are excipient free with no toxic binders or flowing agents, such as magnesium stearate, vegetable stearate, stearic acid, talc or croscarmellose. The utilization of these proprietary supplements benefit each area that is deficient in one’s body, which improves metabolism and protects the overall organs. Naturally, these supplements provide the body with hydration and increased energy levels that improve mental clarity and physical appearance. Our all-natural supplements keep you fresh and healthy, and help each of our patients achieve maximum results for long-term success.